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Creating systems change in schools so that every child is regularly active

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A research based profiling, planning and training resource to create sustainable impact

The ground breaking Creating Active Schools (CAS) Framework has been developed by researchers and practitioners to sustainably embed physical activity throughout the school so that everyone understands its benefits and can easily implement it in their practise. Our online system uniquely supports schools through the entire improvement process; from profiling to action planning and training

What we do

We want your pupils to be active learners

Academic research widely supports theories that state physical activity in school helps to:

  • improve physical and mental health
  • increase concentration
  • improve attainment
  • encourage socialisation and collaboration

Physical activity is the heart of our framework

We understand the value that physical activity can add to pupil’s education. That’s why we’ve developed a framework which emphasis the need to embed physical activity at the heart of a school; in its ethos, policies and values. This is the only way whole school behaviour change will happen.

Courses designed to suit your individual needs

Our unique and innovative profiling tool enables schools to accurately determine the training that is right for them. We have created engaging and interactive courses with the country’s leading tutors to address any gaps identified in order to quickly and effectively improve the whole school physical activity offer.

A whole school strategy that works

We know how important it is to base new ways of working on research and evidence which is why we’ve only worked with internal experts and school practitioners to develop the CAS Framework. Since its inception in 2018 we have seen the significant impact it has made in dozens of schools, leading to better engaged, higher achieving and more active pupils..

Our process

The Creating Active Schools Framework

Co-designed by 50 experts in health and education, the CAS Framework supports schools to embed physical activity in policies, systems, behaviours and environments, so that it becomes everyone’s responsibility; from pupils, to staff, parents and governor.

Profile Toolkit



The cornerstone of the CAS framework is establishing whole-school practice and ethos for physical activity - the underlying sentiment that informs the beliefs, customs and practices around creating a physically active school.



The physical environment reflects the amount, variety (e.g. green space, playground, school hall) and quality of school spaces and resources available.



Five groups are included as essential stakeholders; school leaders, teachers and other school staff, children/young people, parents/guardians, and wider stakeholders (e.g. active school coordinators, public health specialists, local organisations and clubs).



Combined, the environment and key stakeholders determine the implementation of physical activity across seven opportunities. The opportunities are determined by what the school can control (O1-4) and opportunities that the school can influence (O5-7). The opportunities with the greatest potential impact on whole-day physical activity reside closest to the framework midline.

01 02 03 04 Policy Environment Stakeholders Opportunities