Profile Analysis

This profile is intended to provide a summary overview of the current practice and provision of a school in relation to physical activity (PA).



The cornerstone of the CAS framework is establishing whole-school practice and ethos for physical activity - the underlying sentiment that informs the beliefs, customs and practices around creating a physically active school.

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The physical environment reflects the amount, variety (e.g. green space, playground, school hall) and quality of school spaces that impact on physical activity behaviours.

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Stakeholders that influence physical activity behaviours in school (and beyond) are: school leaders, teachers and other school staff, children/young people, parents/guardians, and wider stakeholders (e.g. active school coordinators, public health specialists, local organisations and clubs).

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Combined, the environment and key stakeholders determine the implementation of physical activity across seven opportunities. The opportunities are determined by what the school can control (O1-4) and opportunities that the school can influence (O5-7). The opportunities with the greatest potential impact on whole-day physical activity reside closest to the framework midline.

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